Our team of in-house engineers and designers have years of experience creating custom greenhouse and cultivation facility designs. We’ll take into consideration all your growing needs, location, and external environmental factors to ensure your success. As a greenhouse manufacturer, we understand the complexities of managing your grow environment to achieve maximum yield. Let our experts guide you through the greenhouse structure selection process, choosing the option best suited to your growing needs and location.


Advanced structures to meet your budget, climate and crop requirements


Complete systems to suit your crops watering requirements

Climate Management

Controlling the greenhouse climate from single to multi zone systems.


From Multispan to Tunnels a variety of structures are available.

Growing Products

Tried and tested products, plastics and nets to enhance your growth.


Supplying  the right gutter for your greenhouse and growing conditions.

Custom Solutions


No project is too big or too small. We work hard to supply our clients with the necessary means to grow and expand, we stretch leaps and bounds to meet the technological advancements needed for agriculture.